Hola, this
is Matías.

I’m a 25 year old designer and developer from Chile. I'm the one the Baba Yaga calls when they need to ship awesome products.


Selected works from 2010 to present.

  • Delivery

    App for Mac OS X (2010). MacStories.

  • Controls

    Remote app prototype for iOS, back from 2012.

  • Written

    A markdown editor for iPhone OS (2011).

  • Seahorse (iOS 6)

    First design for Seahorse, 2013.

  • Seahorse

    Seahorse featuring Discover, 2014.

  • Cornershop

    Cornershop’s design and app development, starting 2015.

  • Cornershop for iPad

    Takes advantage of iPadOS features like Split View and Drag & Drop.

  • Cornershop’s web

    Pictured latest redesign from 2019.

  • Figurative

    Figurative brings the desktop-class editor experience from Figma to iPadOS—ready to work with a Magic Keyboard, a trackpad, or a mouse.


Including open source shit because that’s what’s cool.


I'm a self-taught developer and designer who loves apps and avocados. I like to design easy to use products and that will get picked up by my abuelita, like Cornershop—which I’ve been working on since it was founded on 2015. Then, designing and coding Cornershop’s iOS app. Today, as Head of Design.