Hola, this
is Matías.

I’m a 25 year old designer and developer from Chile. I'm the one the Baba Yaga calls when they need to ship awesome products.


Selected works from 2010 to present.

  • Delivery

    App for Mac OS X (2010). MacStories.

  • Controls

    Remote app prototype for iOS, back from 2012.

  • Written

    A markdown editor for iPhone OS (2011).

  • Seahorse (iOS 6)

    First design for Seahorse, 2013.

  • Seahorse

    Seahorse featuring Discover, 2014.

  • Cornershop

    Cornershop’s design and app development, starting 2015.

  • Cornershop for iPad

    Takes advantage of iPadOS features like Split View and Drag & Drop.

  • Cornershop’s web

    Pictured latest redesign from 2019.


Open source shit because that’s what’s cool.


I'm a self-taught developer and designer who loves apps and avocados. I like to design easy to use products and that will get picked up by my abuelita, like Cornershop—which I’ve been working on since it was founded on 2015. I developed Cornershop’s iOS app, and I work as Lead of Design and Product.